21 Sept 2013

Lotus Dealership Grand Opening 

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8 March 2014

Introducing ALL-NEW 2014 Premium and Elegrance HARRIER exclusively at Richburg Motors.

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10 October 2012

Introducing 24 Carat GOLD Alphard & Vellfire 

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5 November 2011

ALL NEW PRIUS Alpha HYBRID - the new generation of 2012 Prius hybrid was launched exclusively by RICHBURG Motors. Hurry down to our showroom for discovering more today!!!

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8 January 2012

Introducing ALL-NEW 2012 ALPHARD & VELLFIRE exclusively at Richburg Motors today!...

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15 March 2013

2013 Debut All New Alphard & Vellfire Premium Seats. Luxury, Style and Technology are now All-In-One. 

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Showroom: 1 Tannery Road, One
                 Tannery Building,#01-01                     
                 Singapore 347719 
Contact us: 6283 7076
Workshop:  460 Changi Road
                 Singapore 419883
Contact us: 6346 6169








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Lotus Dealership Grand Opening - 2013






Mr. Eric Wong, the Chairman and CEO of Richburg Motors Corporation started his legendary journey as a Japanese and Continental car parallel importer in Hong Kong since 1992.With his outstanding success, Eric branched out his footprints to Singapore in 2002. Specializing in premium SUVs and MPVs, Richburg Singapore strives to stage out the notion of luxurious driving experience by launching its first All-In-One entertainment system, in-vehicle massage chairs and intelligent parking MPV. As a social conscience corporation, Richburg advocates "Love and Care" philosophy not only by promoting environmental-friendly hybrid cars, but also by offering a wide range of welcab MPVs to the infirm.

To deliver an end-to-end support, Richburg Automotive Services (RAS) was established in March 2008, providing an exclusive post-sale services and support to all our valued customers. As a major hybrid cars importer, RAS -the only workshop in Singapore, conducting regular professional hybrid training to customers for enriching their technical knowledge to optimize the driving experience on hybrid cars.


RTHK interview with
Mr Eric Wong
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Aug 20, 2010




The Ninth Zodiac Sign
Sagittarius shooting the arrow in an elevated manner represents our continuous pursuit of perfection in services and unique make over in every car we deliver to customer.


The Colors
Yellow symbolizes the Chinese surname of our chairman. Red represents luck and devotion to our Chinese culture.

It is interpreted as a "treasure fortress", implying a long lasting of wealth and wisdom that incorporate with principle value of honesty and integrity.